Each year, the Nashville Bar Association hosts trivia nights, happy hours, family days and CLE events for local attorneys to get out of the office and enjoy camaraderie. Led by NBA Second Vice President-Elect and Ortale Kelley partner, Wendy Longmire, Ortale Kelley attorneys can be found at these events spending time together outside the office. All Ortale Kelley attorneys are members of the Nashville Bar Association and participate in various events. See snapshots of Ortale Kelley around town below.

Right: January 25, 2015- Ortale Kelley attorneys attend Trivia Night.

April 17, 2018- Ortale Kelley attorney attend Happy Hour at the historic Woolworth on Fifth.

May 4, 2018- Jerry Wigger and Todd Bricker participate in Law Day at the Ortale Kelley table.

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