Governmental Liability

Constitutional and Civil Rights Attorney in Nashville, TN

There are unique legal issues raised when an action is brought against governmental and quasi-governmental entities, including government officials and employees. These issues are further complicated by laws and procedures specific to these entities. With our extensive experience defending governmental entities, Ortale Kelley governmental liability attorneys are able to navigate the complicated legal issues involved with governmental liability claims and provide our clients with the least possible consequences and the best possible outcome.

Whether the issues is a section 1983 claim alleging various Constitutional or federal rights violations or a premise liability issue involving the Governmental Tort Liability Act, our attorneys strive to provide efficient service and solutions to our governmental clients. Our experience in governmental liability benefits our clients as our attorneys regularly appear in state and federal courts across Tennessee defending these types of claims. Ortale Kelley governmental liability attorneys are aware of the opportunities these claims present to the press and are experienced in carefully handling these claims from a public relations perspective. We have fielded many calls from reporters over the years and continue to truthfully and professionally protect our clients’ reputations. Our attorneys have assisted a variety of governmental entities, including city and county local governments, county jails and detention centers, police departments, sheriffs’ departments, school boards and emergency management agencies.

  • Tort and liability issues involving local and county governments
  • Federal and state civil rights matters involving police and sheriffs’ departments, including qualified and absolute immunity defenses
  • Medical negligence claims and deprivation of medical care claims
  • Governmental Tort Liability Act claims against protected entities