Insurance Defense Law

Insurance Defense Law Attorneys in Nashville, TN

Ortale Kelley insurance defense and recovery attorneys are experts in one of the largest areas of the law. Our job is to prevent insurers from having to provide compensation for lawsuits that are questionable, frivolous, or not covered by an insurance policy. If you are an insurance company, we can handle your claim.

In 1971, founding partners, William P. Ortale, John W. Kelley, David B. Herbert, and William H. Crawford, opened the doors of a fledgling law firm based primarily on the trust it was given by powerhouse insurance companies such as State Farm Insurance Company and Shelter Insurance Company. Over the past four decades, the list of insurance companies has grown tenfold. As a result, the attorneys at Ortale Kelley have honed their skills in all areas of insurance defense, making Ortale Kelley a leader in the field.

Our insurance defense attorneys have extensive experience handling insurance related matters in boardrooms and courtrooms across the country and, through our representation of insurance companies, possess relationships with some of the largest insurance companies in the United States. Our goal is to use our experience defending insurance litigation to create a comprehensive strategy for all of our clients, big and small, ensuring a favorable outcome. Our seasoned negotiators can secure a fair settlement on your behalf, and our trial attorneys can skillfully defend you in court.

  • Auto liability
  • Commercial liability
  • Construction liability
  • General contractors’ liability
  • Premise liability
  • Policy interpretation and coverage analysis
  • Professional liability
  • Product liability
  • Subrogation