Alternative Dispute Resolution Law

Alternative Dispute Resolution Lawyers in Nashville, TN

Alternative dispute resolution is commonly accepted and encouraged in the practice of law because it allows opponents to work collaboratively to come to a resolution. Mediation is often required by some courts before a trial date may be selected, and many entities are choosing to handle issues quickly through arbitration instead of trudging through the ever increasing caseload of the traditional court system. Our attorneys are equipped to guide you through the entire alternative dispute resolution process in all of our practice areas, and three of our partners have been certified as Rule 31 Mediators in Tennessee.

We work to help our clients understand the pros, cons, and expenses of alternative dispute resolution. After analyzing your case, we will make an unbiased recommendation that we believe is in your best interest based on our decades of experience in alternative dispute resolution, while reminding you that the decision is yours. If you choose to pursue some form of alternative dispute resolution, we will creatively meet your demands to obtain the best possible outcome. If you choose to continue your case through the court system, our litigation attorneys will expertly handle your case.

  • Neutral Case Evaluation
  • Civil Mediation
  • Workers’ Compensation Mediation
  • Rule 31 Mediators
  • Non-Binding Arbitration
  • Binding Arbitration
  • Negotiation
  • Settlement
  • Enforcement of Settlement Agreements