Insurance Coverage

Insurance Coverage Attorney in Nashville, TN

Whether you are facing a single-policy, single-claimant matter or a multi-million dollar, multi-jurisdictional insurance coverage dispute, you need an attorney who is not only skilled at policy interpretation but is also willing to argue and defend that interpretation in court. Ortale Kelley insurance coverage attorneys combine their attention to detail with their skills of persuasion to ensure that insurance policies are correctly interpreted, which protects our clients’ bottom line.

Since the founding of Ortale Kelley, our attorneys have had a continually growing practice in matters involving insurance coverage. Our insurance coverage attorneys have extensive experience handling claims against the largest insurance companies in Tennessee and throughout the nation. Ortale Kelley attorneys are not only skilled in interpreting policy clauses and exclusions, but we also represent insurance companies all the way through litigation involving coverage. We are able to bridge the relationship between the insurance company and the insured, guaranteeing that the companies we represent maintain their clients, while at the same time, do not pay out on claims they are not responsible for. Our lawyers offer knowledgeable, high quality representation based on decades of experience.

  • Policy interpretation with respect to coverage analysis
  • Subrogation litigation and recovery
  • Excess carrier claims
  • Multiple policies or coverage claims